The Latest Auto Darkening Welding Helmets

Posted on: August 30th, 2017 by
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welding helmetsAn auto darkening helmet can seem a simple thing to you. Just to clarify, ask an expert welder and they will tell you how crucial it is. If you want to save time while doing bulk welding, you are going to like thiswelding skull. Altogether a lot of time goes into adjusting the screen of the helmet before and after welding. Taking from a recent piece published by, auto darkening helmets make work easier and comfortable. Once you get the taste of using this latest version of helmets, there is no getting back to the old ones.

It is not only about the safety; other technical issues arise due to the traditional helmet. After a welder pulls down his lens for welding, he or she might miss the starting point of welding on the job. However, if you are using an auto darkening helmet, there is no hitting in the dark anymore. You can start by locating the starting point easily. The ease at work provided by the auto darkening welding helmets helps the welders perform a number of welding in a day. The simple reason behind it is, there is less hassle in locating the job, and you do not have to deal with the lens of the helmet.

Every time a welder is done with welding the traditional helmet required him or her to adjust the lens before starting another welding. In case of the auto darkening helmets, there is no adjustment required as the auto darkening system activates itself automatically. In this manner, a welder’s eyes remain safe, and no energy is wasted on futile adjustments. Mostly, welders work inside the plant where there can be varying lighting. To help deal with this situation, the auto darkening helmet contains adjustable shades ranging from 8 to 13. The user can adjust the shade depending on the amount of light entering the room.

There is a small solar panel on the top of the front screen. This panel gets its energy from the sun if you are welding in the open or from the spark generated as soon as you start welding. These auto darkening helmets are suitable for all kinds of welding from Arc and TIG to MIG. With its suitability throughout the process types, it becomes more helpful to the welders. It takes out the most common kind of distraction that welders go though and that is flipping the helmet lens. Some of the major countries use helmets that have lenses that need to be switched after every use. This adds up to the total process time, as a welder has to wear another lens for the next process.

The auto darkening helmets might cost slightly more than the traditional ones, but its long run advantage is higher. You can always generate more money by working hard, but safety and good work require some investment. Many companies have even started providing the auto darkening helmets to their welders. It is time we realize the benefits we get with these latest helmets. From design to its usage, everything is done keeping in mind the requirements of a hardcore welding process.


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