Razor Pocket Bikes and their types

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Razor Pocket Bikes

As it is well known, Pocket Bikes are the new and cool. In recent times, the Razor company has attained a great success, thanks to the Pocket bikes. Pocket bikes are small in size and have a miniature frame. The overwhelming demand for the Razor Mini Dirt Bike has resulted in the company introducing three versions of such bikes.
The Pocket Mod and the Dirt pocket
In thickly populated cities, European type scooters are very popular. Such scooters are a basis for the Pocket Mod. As the weight capacity of the Pocket Mod is 220 pounds, even the adults can enjoy riding them. Kids love this little ride. Apart from being comfortable, the Pocket Mod is fast too.
The thickness of tires is 12 inches while the maximum speed being 15 miles. For storing small objects such as purses and wallets, a storage area is provided below the seat. A really amazing feature is the rechargeable battery that is free from the hassle of rushing to the gas station every time one is out of fuel.
The smaller version of the top dirt bike is the Dirt Pocket. It gives just the thrill of riding a big bike, so it is very appropriate for kids. The maximum weight capacity being 150 pounds, a 10 mile distance can be covered in this bike when it is fully charged. Apart from being quick and nimble, the Dirt Pocket is extremely safe for children. The electric motors on which this bike works is environmental friendly.
The Pocket Rocket
The Pocket Rocket gives young riders a chance to learn basic riding before they try full size bikes. The Pocket Rocket is a small version of racing bikes. The body of these bikes is slim and sleek, and it is very fast. The easy handling of the bike is due to its 10 inch thick tire. Since electric motors are used in the Pocket Rocket, hence they are good for the environment too.


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