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Head turning is what you’re in for once you acquire the Chevrolet Corvette Stingray. This beautifully designed work of art will meet your every need when it comes to speed and handling. The recently released model is fun to drive and you will definitely find pleasure from all the thumbs up for its awesome exterior. This sleek model is designed to ensure you enjoy every mile you’re on the road.


The 455 horsepower @ 6000 rpm V8 engine takes care of the speed section while the streamlined shape gives it an extra edge. This means less drag and maximizes the speed. It is available in either the standard seven speed manual transmission or an eight speed automatic transmission. Its 18.5 gal capacity fuel tank ensures you stay on the road for longer Performance was greatly considered during its inception and judging from the end product, mission accomplished.


You will enjoy its exceptional features but some say the best Chevrolet Corvette Stingray feature could very well lie in the handling. This mere fact pretty much makes it one of the safest rides on the roads, outstanding traction and stability control is a major factor here. It doesn’t hurt to state that the leather finished front bucket seats makes driving this excellent car even more thrilling.


Some more of its safety features include the dual front side-mounted airbags along with their deployment notification. In the unfortunate event that your car gets stolen, the clever engine immobilizer comes into play, it works in hand with the stolen vehicle tracking service. This ensures that your prized possession will always find its way back home.


Car enthusiasts are calling this beautiful and fun to drive vehicular masterpiece a clear bargain on performance. Competing brands are yet to put a design on the table to rival the Corvette Stingray. You cannot understand just how awesome this car is unless you test drive one as soon as possible.



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